Channeled Messages from Apostle Paul


Chapter I

Earth’s decisive phase – Need for self-censorship – Origin of invisible miasmas – Need to eliminate them – Prophylaxis of bad thoughts – Prayer as the unsurpassed remedy for such an end


Whether human beings live on this small earthly sphere, which is also known as “valley of tears” because of the struggles and difficulties it presents to its inhabitants, or on any other plane of life scattered in the immensity of cosmic space, their efforts aim exclusively at this great and beautiful objective: evolution. Evolution must be understood as the knowledge human beings acquire from studying all aspects of life, as well as from the experiences that result from practicing such knowledge. But since human beings get carried away by life’s attractions, they begin to purse as much material wealth as possible in the illusion that they are securing happiness and security for themselves. The cause of such illusion is the idea of superiority that comes from their inferior evolutionary degree.


However, Earth’s forthcoming truly decisive phase, which has already come to pass in many of its sister-planets in cosmic space, shall lead all souls towards a much more beautiful and happier destiny. And although it has already started in many parts, it will reach all earthly regions, bringing benefits to the entire population. Men are being asked to seriously meditate on the real objectives of earthly life, keeping in mind that their condition on Earth is temporary since no one has ever remained indefinitely here. Everyone has to follow the path traced by the universal Law of Evolution. By referring to “men” I also refer to women, given that evolution of universal life does not differentiate between the two sexes, but just the spirit. Such a phase, which is proceeding in a rather accelerated rhythm, involves men as well as women, since both are spirits searching for moral improvement and spiritual evolution. Spirits incarnate on Earth century after century either in a masculine or a feminine body, in accordance with the mission they are supposed to fulfill.


The more advanced level of knowledge and aptitudes that has been introduced to the human mentality since the beginning of this century faced serious difficulties due the inclination on the part of human beings toward objectives that are somewhat contrary to their happiness. Therefore, it is necessary that everyone does his part in the structural transformation of this small sphere, which will elevate the conditions of earthly life to a degree that is still unknown on the planet. What does such part entail? First, everyone should try to apply a kind of censorship to all of their thoughts, so that through correction and moral equilibrium they can calibrate their actions. They should also try to forget a little more about themselves in moments of joy, happiness and greatness, remembering that, just like their contemporaries, they are spirits in physical bodies, or fingers of the same hand, searching for the same progress and spiritual happiness on Earth.


Once human beings establish this principle, it will in time bring great benefits to everyone. By elevating the level of their thoughts and actions, humans will cause the great swarms of miasmas that try to infiltrate the earthly environment in order to feed as real parasites to decline. No one on Earth has the slightest idea about the detriment that the actions of such miasmas exert on their happiness and welfare. And since this type of miasmas is produced and nourished by inferior thoughts, they grow and develop to such an extent that they can dominate human beings and cause them to do things against their will. Since such unconscious and irresponsible miasmas feed solely on the senses, they can cause the fall of those human beings they became accustomed to in the course of their existences.


Although the extermination of such miasmas attained a relative success when the result of studies conducted in the spiritual world was put into practice, the amount of inferior thoughts that continued to be produced by human beings has been much greater than the number destroyed by the spiritual process. I will try to better clarify this through a well-known image. Imagine the existence of a pile of decomposing-matter near your comfortable homes containing all different types of germs, dear readers. Since the smell of food from your homes will most certainly attract swarms of flies and mosquitoes from such a pile, everyone will have to struggle constantly to remove such undesirable guests. Your evenings will no longer be tranquil as you try to shoo away these visible blood-thirsty miasmas, and since your children sleep more profoundly, they will become their victims. You finally conclude that the only solution is to eliminate such an existing pile of decomposing matter and then find a new way of garbage disposal.


We find that the origin of the invisible miasmas that exist in the mental plane as well as their source of food derive exclusively from the inferior thoughts that men and women produce in the physical plane. Every single thought originating from the infinite number of human inferiorities forms a cluster of miasmas in the mental plane. Due to the fact that such clusters of miasmas receive constant nourishment from similar thoughts, they form into legions and descend into the most favorable earthly environments in order to disturb anyone who is responsive to them. No one in the body could ever imagine how this takes place.


Men and women should try to stop nourishing them with their daily thoughts. However, human beings are not always responsible for inferior-level thoughts found in the environment. Often they are the result of similar thoughts which are directed to them by others or even the proximity of such miasmas. In order to dissipate bad thoughts, one should send a beam of spiritual light into them through a prayer to the invisible “Forces of Goodness.” Being aware of what happens in the invisible world, I decided to undertake this work in order to help my incarnate brothers and sisters free themselves from such powerful phalanxes of invisible tormentors. I want to reveal ways which will enable you to eliminate the enormous dunghill which you helped create in the mental plane, which is very close to you. The elimination of invisible miasmas in the mental world will happen when such a dunghill is eliminated.


My incarnate brothers and sisters will then be able to enjoy a type of life that will be quite distant from the current type; many annoyances, sufferings and injuries of the present will no longer exist. All one has to do for that to happen is to eliminate every disagreeable, inferior, filthy or inconvenient thought, given that they are the source of the many maladies affecting incarnate spirits in the earthly soil. I will give you a formula to prevent bad thoughts. Whenever inferior thoughts make an impression on your senses, involving sex or attitudes that you would never adopt publicly, it is undoubtedly a type of thought that would not bring you tranquility and happiness. Since such thoughts usually involve a mental suggestion towards their practice, they can definitely influence your behavior. Once entertained, they can attract rather sad and lamentable consequences.


Another undesirable and possibly dangerous type of thoughts is that which advocates violence against one’s incarnate brothers and sisters, given that it could result in his loss freedom or life. It is common for such thoughts to be deposited on unprepared minds so as to incite them towards the practice of acts that would result in suffering or remorse. Since they circulate abundantly in the earthly environment, passersby can easily pick them up. They are responsible for the enormous amounts of misfortune that prevent human beings all around from experiencing happiness, peace and tranquility. Everyone needs to be prepared to resist such a type of thought, whose characteristics are absolutely detrimental to incarnate souls’ happiness.


I will also mention the type that tempts you to possess what belongs to others, which involves an inclination towards a married human being. This is bad, inferior and dangerous due to the unpleasant consequences it can attract. The right thing to do when a human being picks up a bad thought, or is a victim of it, is to try to get rid of it. It can only lead to a path to suffering. Resorting to prayer in such instances is the right path, for it can free and help human beings maintain their needed moral balance, which is what they came to search for in this plane of life. Attractive dispositions can often cause real craziness between the two sexes. The plausible explanation for such an attraction can be found in previous lives, when they shared the same plane of life. But if on this particular incarnation such human beings have a relationship with another brother or sister, as they follow their path in accordance with the will of the Father, it is because it is indubitably better for their happiness. It should then be viewed as a superior determination. Prayer is still the best way to deal with such cases.


Numerous types of thoughts that come from mental sources that have always existed suggest inclinations, temptations and attitudes in the earthly midst. But they can be easily identified. Considering that the insuperable remedy for all of life’s difficulties and problems is prayer, everyone should resort to prayer every time their hearts indicate that a particular action could lead to a dangerous path. Resort to prayers, my dear readers. Your problems, which are mere ghosts, will disappear as soon as you direct a prayer to the Superior Forces of the universe, which purely and simply are “God.”



Chapter II


Ancient Gods were created by human beings’ fantastic imagination – Historical sketch of human progress – All men are brothers – No one is isolated on Earth – Assistance from Spiritual Protectors – Value of mental concentration


The Gods that were worshipped on Earth during past millenniums contributed very little to the moral improvement of human beings, who were unable to access new levels of spiritual life. Not much has been recorded about such Gods, who existed only in the fantastic imagination of those peoples. Such peoples bear responsibility for the crimes committed against those poor human beings who were sacrificed to satiate their voracity and wrath. Humanity’s spiritual evolution did not advance much during such primary stage. Rather than attaining spiritual progress with the passing of the millenniums, many human beings actually regressed, leaving and returning to this world in circumstances known only to God.


The constant struggles and suffering faced by those who obtained permission to return to Earth in a body of flesh in the ensuing centuries and millenniums allowed them to continue to labor at lapidating their spirits. Many of them managed to grow spiritually by separating from the majority, who used their incarnations to expand their inferior tendencies and their power and dominion over their contemporaries.


To give you an idea about their reduced level of evolution, it should suffice to mention that the spirits that displayed some kind of progress when they returned to their spiritual plane did not exceed two in each thousand. I can tell you that such a progress did not involve the spirits of leaders of the world. If their progress was not dormant, it would be following a regressive line due to their attitudes and actions against their subjects. Whenever some moral progress could be noticed in the spiritual plane, it was among their subjects, mainly the most simple and humble, as a result of the suffering, privations and struggles imposed upon them.


The objective of this short sketch of the evolutionary progress of humanity is to foster a desire in the human spirit to compare ancient times with the present. Since all men and women have already reached a high level of moral progress, they are very close to spiritual redemption. To revive your memories, I will inform you that those ancient human beings who worshiped and offered sacrifices to imagined Gods were no other than you, dear readers. You have been coming to Earth century after century always with one and only purpose: moral improvement.


Therefore, it should be easy now for you to evaluate the extensive number of lives that you have lived on Earth in the past millenniums before arriving at your current level of knowledge and behavior. By teaching that all men and women are brothers and sisters, since children of the same Celestial Father, the law tries to conduct as quickly as possible all human beings towards the path that leads to their millenniums-old objective: spiritual redemption. Entrusted by the Father to care for all spiritual beings that were destined to constitute the earthly population from the very beginning, which is when this small sphere first became suitable for human life, the Lord Jesus has provided human beings with as much spiritual assistance as possible in order to prevent them from erring excessively in each of their incarnations.


To better clarify the spiritual assistance that is given to each incarnate spirit, I will add that no one is ever isolated or alone on Earth. Everything a human being thinks or says is not only observed, but also registered by spiritual entities designated for such a purpose. Thus, since this is very important and beneficial to spiritual progress, it should be widely divulged to everyone believing that they are alone and that everything they do, think or say will remain buried inside them.


For a better image, imagine the entire world being a very small area, such as a square or a garden, totally covered or surrounded by screen or glass. Imagine also that outside millions of invisible spiritual beings observe and record what each one inside do, think or say. Although everyone inside act and move with complete freedom, they are completely unaware that all of their actions are meticulously recorded on their individual millenniums-old file, so that they can be properly examined in their spiritual plane. Since such observation results in extraterrestrial interference, many deserving human creatures are then conducted to specific posts of activities. But in case they show that they cannot perform their tasks, they are transferred to inferior positions. The undeserving could even be deprived of any type of comfort.


The messengers of the Lord Jesus on Earth are aware of his determination for humans to receive not only what they deserve through their activities and behavior towards material enjoyment or comfort, but mainly towards a higher level of progress for their spirits. Nowadays human beings are aware that when spirits descend to Earth for a new trajectory in the body, they bring a program they promised to fulfill in their shorter or longer contact with the earthly soil. Based on the extent to which the programs of their previous incarnations were fulfilled, their current program shows only the basic points of their objectives. But in order for them to be able to reach such objectives, they have to resort to knowledge, experiences and good disposition. Being part of their resources, they can resort to such means whenever they experience weaknesses, which happen frequently as a result of the fact that material elements are always exerting pressure on their good disposition.


But since their invisible protectors are aware of this, they respond promptly to their requests for aid so that they can continue pursuing their objectives. Therefore, it can be deduced that the assistance that they receive from their spiritual friends and protectors depends exclusively upon them; it enables them to fulfill the promises they made before their spiritual leaders in the above. It is necessary then that you, the men and women of the Earth, firm in your minds the idea that your present incarnation was not conceded to you just for enjoyment of earthly things, or material pleasures. It is imperative for you to always remember the task that you assumed in the above, which is to conduct yourselves in the physical plane in a way for you to be able to include some additional points of light to your current luminosity. You now know that such additional points of light cannot be obtained through activities and practices that aim exclusively at the satisfaction of matter, which could be disgraceful to the spirit.


I will show you how to incorporate the most convenient sentiments with little work. Due to the fact that the material wrapping of a human being can either reduce or annul his spirit’s best intentions, there is an efficient way for this intelligent being that governs the body to contact its spiritual file, so that it can obtain the reinforcement that it needs to be able to fulfill its duties on Earth. Such way is concentration on its objectives during moments of tranquility. Since concentration does not involve matter, the spirit is able to acquire the precious elements that it may need. It is during their mental meditation that the spiritual protectors will communicate with human beings, transmitting the most appropriate ideas to them so that they can reach their goals.


Although the term “mental concentration” was used above as a synonym for meditation, some people understand it as contact between human beings and the invisible world, or “world of cause”. The physical world is known as “world of effect”. The reason is that everything that materializes in the physical plane is first engendered or mentally formulated in the world of cause. This is not only true but also perfectly demonstrable. Anything that one formulates mentally for his greater comfort and welfare on Earth will consolidate in the mental plane, or world of cause, before it turns up on Earth. In order for a mental concentration to be able to help the progress and welfare of a spirit, it must be centered on elevated objectives, such as realization of things that are beneficial to the community or acquisition of power and lights for spiritual development.


Human beings need first to use mental concentration as simple exercises and then as an efficient means for changing certain life conditions into greater prosperity and happiness for themselves, in accordance with their aspirations. I am not preaching my own theory here, but divulging a divine law which is within the reach of anyone wishing to use it to improve life conditions. This law is divine because it was created by God after He created the worlds of the universe. Everyone should invoke such a law, for their own benefit. Besides improving the environmental conditions around each human being, this law also provides opportunities for the spirit to acquire new and greater lights. All that it requires from a human being is for him to enter into a state of mental concentration and then request the object of his aspiration, which should not be detrimental to anyone. Exercise then what has been divulged above, dear readers, for your greater happiness and spiritual wellbeing on Earth.



 Chapter III

Earth’s ongoing structural changes – Increase in cultivable areas – Human beings are guests, not owners of the Earth – Jesus travels tirelessly throughout the earthly environment – Spiritual ear – Value of repetitive reading


The unexpected structural changes that have been taking place on this small earthly sphere are in perfect harmony with plans elaborated nearly two thousand years ago in the above, according to Apostle Thomas’ books. Many useless elevations need to be changed into suitable surfaces if the planet is to produce additional food supplies for its populations. The ongoing operations, which could affect some villages and flourishing cities, aim at increasing the cultivable areas in all regions of the Earth by thousands of kilometers. Although the inhabitants of the affected areas will most certainly experience some kind of suffering or displeasure, they will be greatly compensated for their material losses or moral suffering.


In face of the immutable principle that human beings are just guests on Earth during the course of their incarnation, not its owners, it is necessary that they understand such a truth. It should help them be less attached to the soil but more to the greatness of the spirit, which is their only important possession. Since their exclusive objective is to improve life conditions on Earth, witnessing events which ought to occur by the end of this century is not really that important to them. Earthquakes, inundations and other types of events are the result of the work that is currently taking place in the Earth’s interior, which involves numerous thousands or even millions of different categories of spiritual beings.


What should concern human beings is examination of their spiritual condition, that is, of their moral standing before Divinity with relation to their behavior toward their fellowmen, mainly when there are less dignifying or unjust actions involved which could darken their auras. If such examination leads them to conclude that they have been acting in accordance with Christ’s wise principle “Do to others what you like done to you,” they should not become impressed by such events. Everything that will occur on Earth will be for everyone’s good.

Because of his divine concern to sound out everyone’s thoughts and maintain a perfect contact with the earthly environment, our Lord and Master travels tirelessly between the poles in order to prevent anything that has not been planned from happening.


Because of his enormous concern for the moral health of all his protégés, his illumined messengers keep in close contact with all earthly homes, registering the thoughts and acts of their respective residents. This is being divulged to allow readers to take the necessary steps to start thinking and acting in a way which would not sadden the Lord Jesus or his messengers. Otherwise, they might encounter difficulties in obtaining the assistance and the protection that they need today much more than they needed in the past.


I believe that all readers are aware of predictions concerning what should take place on Earth towards the end of this century, since already amply divulged in Thomas’ books, particularly the book having the suggestive title “New Life” from the Forces of Goodness. These books inform that a selection is taking place to give the spirits that form the earthly population the opportunity to live in a more advanced planet whose respective inhabitants are also being promoted in their evolutionary scale.


The sole objective of the warnings and advice that we have been relaying to you, our incarnate brothers and sisters, is to awaken that cell in many of you responsible for your moral improvement, which happens to be dormant. Since this cell develops in the spirit of each human being with each life in the physical plane, it depends on one’s efforts to awaken. And since such efforts are exclusively of a mental nature, the desire for a more elevated, tranquil and happier life has to be felt in the heart. If human beings maintained contact with the Superior Forces during meditation, such desire would have a greater impulse. Such a perfect link with the Superior Forces would allow all irradiated magnetic fluids to instantly incorporate in incarnate spirits.


This is how incarnate spirits obtain their spiritual strength. And if incarnate spirits strive simultaneously to improve the level of their thoughts and acts while living their material lives, such an evolutionary impulse would allow them to soar towards the highest planes of the spiritual world within years. By cooperating with you, we hope that we will be able to witness your festive promotion to the plane that awaits you in the above, which is much more beautiful and happy than the plane you left when you came into the flesh for your current earthly life. I wish I could say to your spiritual ear everything that is being written down on paper, so that it would be indelibly registered by your spirit. I say this due to the fact that once the spirit is involved by matter, or flesh, it cannot assimilate information or images as clearly and securely as the spiritual ear after the material ear picks up the vibrations from words.


For a better idea about the spiritual ear’s power of assimilation, imagine what happens when you record songs, music or speeches on a magnetic tape. Time will not be able to change it. Since what was recorded will remain recorded indefinitely, you will be able to listen to it at will. The same happens with the spiritual ear. Since you will never forget what such organ of the spirit has heard, you will be able to repeat it whenever you wish. On the other hand, you could easily forget what you hear through your material ear, especially if you are not listening attentively, with an interested spirit.


There is an excellent way for your spirit to be able to clearly register this and other advice. It is by reading every so often that which is of real interest to you. The more you read something, the clearer it will become and the greater your benefits will be. After humans run their eyes through some reading materials, they often tend to draw some sort of “light conclusion” from them. But by rereading it a few days later, they would feel that they were able to learn more. The explanation for this phenomenon is that, since works that are made of thoughts are impregnated by such thoughts, they irradiate into the minds of readers who read them attentively. The contents of a book that is read attentively two or more times will penetrate into the mind of the reader a lot clearer, especially when the first reading is done in a rush.


It is of utmost importance to read slowly, syllable by syllable, books such as this, which deals with the happiness of the spirit. As you try to assimilate the book’s message, your spirit will register its contents. If the Lord Jesus deemed necessary for his messengers, who are entities having an elevated spiritual level, to urgently relay to Earth the things human beings ought to know, it certainly was not just for illustration purposes, so that they can show off their knowledge about spiritual matters. Not at all, dear readers; forget about erudition and intellectual brilliance. The value of this and other writings, from brothers who have also spoken to you, resides solely on what the readers assimilate and quickly put into practice before they are called to return from the Earth. As the great intellectual brilliance of such teachings and advice incorporates into the readers’ diadem, it illumines and exalts their spiritual personalities. The more you understand the teachings and advice in such books, which should be studied, meditated upon and practiced, the more intense your illumination will become.


Another consideration to be made is that if the Lord Jesus is urgently making these teachings available on Earth to help awaken the hearts of all incarnate children, so that they can improve their actions and thoughts and above all make permanent contact with him, the Master and Lord, it is undoubtedly for a very worthy reason. Such a worthy reason is to alert and allow those who will have to depart from Earth as a result of coming events to be tenderly retrieved. Why then underestimate what Brother Thomas and I have transmitted, as well as what other spiritual entities transmitted in the book “New Life”?


Do not allow the idea that the Earth has always received warnings and advice from the above carry you away. Although that is quite correct, the reason why numerous disincarnations occurred in the past under very unpleasant conditions is precisely because this kind of advice was from spiritual entities was not observed. Because of this, and the fact that changes in various points of the Earth will produce absolutely new phenomena, the Lord Jesus wishes to preserve his protégés from situations similar to those which took place in the past. Meditate on this, my readers, for your greater welfare and happiness on the days that are forthcoming to your world.




Chapter IV


Complete renovation of all earthly life – Acquisition of moral progress – The friendly voice that speaks to your conscience – Ignorance will no longer be justified – The other side of the coin – The Spirits’ Doctrine


The series of structural changes which shall soon take place on Earth will in essence improve the conditions that make life so difficult for the spirits that live here. The spiritual entities that the Lord Jesus designated to speak to human beings have already transmitted a great deal of information to help awaken and enable them to fulfill their duties during this “school term.” Such entities, who possess a certain degree of spiritual illumination, strive day and night to awaken in human beings the main reason for their incarnation on Earth, which they conceived in the above and promised to fulfill when reaching the age of reason. However, most of them forget such a promise as they become impregnated by the ideas that prevail in the physical environment and proceed to follow the same paths of past incarnations, which hardly contributed to their moral progress.


Therefore, a complete renovation needs to occur in all sectors of earthly life. Those who will not be either able or willing to follow the new wave of life that will be implanted on Earth within a few years shall be removed from it. It has been repeatedly stated in all parts of the Earth that the thousands or millions of inhabited worlds in the universe are inhabited by spirits who adapt to their life conditions, and the life of spiritual beings follows the same evolutionary characteristics. The laws that regulate universal life are the same in all planes of life, or inhabited worlds. The purpose of incarnation and reincarnation in all spheres of the sidereal world, from the darkest to the most clear and luminous, is always to promote the moral evolution of their respective inhabitants. Moral evolution is attained through the work they are supposed to perform in a world of material life when their request for a new appearance is granted to them. It is through work that reincarnating souls acquire new degrees of moral progress in their evolutionary scale.


If a soul or spirit tries then to follow the path that leads to evolution, limiting its actions according to the lines its spiritual mentors traced in the above, which include honorable work and prayer, such a soul will certainly find a corresponding luminosity when it returns to its spiritual plane; it will be able to reach a new spiritual stage. Alleged ignorance of this fact, for lack of clarification on spiritual life, is unjustifiable. To those that make such allegation I will say that that a spiritual mentor’s greatest concern is to instruct human beings. They keep humans alert twenty-four hours a day through constant advice, especially during the sleep of their bodies. No one has ever committed an unjust, violent or incorrect act without first hearing the conscience’s friendly voice describe the characteristics of such an act. Happy are those who go back on their intentions or change course after humbly giving ears to such voice. They will not only avoid incorrect acts, but also acquire a real precious thing, which is another light for their spirits.


Although many human beings clearly hear that friendly voice warning them about certain circumstances, they unfortunately end up incurring the same faults that they incurred in previous occasions, when they chose to look down on justice, good deeds and love for their fellowmen. This happens because condemnable sentiments like pride, ambition and vanity still prevail in them. I am certain that this is not something new to you, dear readers. Such principles can be found in your world’s sectors of morality, given that they are taught in your schools since the first years. What is not taught is the fact that coins have two sides.


It is disobedience of these principles by those who are less integrated in the Spirit’s Doctrine, or Spiritualism, that leads them to repeat situations they had already experienced in the past, when they imposed their predominance on other creatures. Thus, a detailed and attentive study of spiritualism can surely bring anyone who is experiencing consequences of thoughtless acts performed on this or in previous lives back to the true path. Such a study can change them from suffering into tranquil and happy creatures. The Spirits’ Doctrine teaches one to love his fellow creatures as he loves himself, and do to them only what he would like done to him. Such a doctrine is not new; it is as old as the millenniums during which this sphere has been inhabited by humans.


The last prophet who revived these principles before humanity was Jesus of Nazareth, whose reward is known to everyone as recorded in religious history. Due to the fact that these principles clashed with the fundamental interests of the powerful, Jesus was condemned at Calvary under well-known conditions. Did the leaders responsible for the Lord’s crucifixion succeed in realizing their own greatness and happiness as a result of it? Did our ancestors succeed at implanting the political-religious organization of their dreams on the earthly soil? A society with only two types of people: the powerful and the miserable; with happy and rich people on one side, and with humble and needy servants on the other? Did such temporary leaders perhaps succeed at edifying their own type of world through the Lord’s sacrifice, without God and love, based just on prepotency and humiliation of the weak?


You all know from the pages of history that this was not the case. But what you probably do not know is the other side of the coin which such brothers manufactured for themselves in the past two millenniums. You can find out about it upon your return to your spiritual plane, if you so desire, for you will then be able to calmly verify the “Book of Centuries,” which is available to everyone. The revelations it contains will startle many of you, dear readers. If I say startle, it is because you are far from assuming that some of you are the religious figures or leaders responsible for imposing on the Lord that harsh sacrifice at Calvary. Yes, my friends, the names of many human beings who are on Earth today and who may soon leave it for good are listed among the world’s cruelest leaders at the time of the Lord’s presence here. As a result of acts which they carried out in other eras, such human beings have already lived numerous existences on Earth under the most painful and difficult conditions.


This is due to the Law of Cause and Effect, which constantly regulates the life of all creatures in the universe. It is because of this law that you still see on Earth brothers who lack irreplaceable body parts or a countless number of deformities in their physical vehicles, such as lack of vision or mobility, living truly heroic existences. But their spirits are as perfect as yours. This can appropriately be referred to as the reverse of the coin which they manufactured for themselves in the past. In order for the imprinted stains and distortions that resulted from their infractions against spiritual laws to be erased, this side of the coin needs to be polished. Those of us who live spiritual lives know that it was disobedience by thousands of religious sects of a spiritual law called “Law of Love” that kept human beings from knowing loving principles on Earth.


The Spirits’ Doctrine teaches that men and women possess an innate faculty to communicate directly with God and Jesus, if they so sincerely desire. Gone are the days in which, due to Earth’s primitive state, men and women who sought forgiveness had to trust their weaknesses and miseries to religious specialists. Those who failed morally in the past return periodically to Earth in reincarnations that permit them to compensate for the harm that they caused to others. The only good thing thousands of different religious sects have done is teaching their followers that they can communicate directly with God and Jesus by way of sincere and heart-felt prayers. This is the only good thing religions provided to their followers in the past millenniums.


For such extraordinary good thing, for teaching them to contact the Divinity so that they can ask for the things that they need in order to fulfill their earthly mission, the various earthly religious sects deserve to be praised. And they are; they receive a lot of praise for that, indeed. But the Spirit’s Doctrine brings forth knowledge that replaces old religious sectarian teachings, with real advantages to all human beings.



 Chapter V

Humanity is a whole – The Superior Forces provide constant assistance – Substantial modifications on Earth’s structure – Try to put your things in order – My disincarnation in the vicinities of Rome brought me many good things


If my incarnate brothers and sisters were to ask me the reason why spirits of light strive to offer norms of behavior to human beings exercising their free will on Earth, I would say that it is to help them attain happiness and welfare more rapidly because the whole of humanity consists of incarnate and discarnate beings. It is true that men conduct themselves the way they want through their resolve and free will, fulfilling or not the commitments which they freely assumed in the above when preparing to come to Earth. But since the level of progress incarnate spirits have obtained in the course of many lives on Earth is way behind the minimum, the Superior Forces decided to send a good number of fairly evolved spirits to Earth to transmit teachings, advice and incentive to help them. Such teachings would not only help them walk their path successfully, but also prevent them in the future from lamenting the things which they could have avoided.


Other messengers of Jesus have already stated that the Earth is getting ready for major structural modifications in order to improve life conditions for human beings in the next century. When changes become necessary on a structure, everything has to be removed from it before the work can begin. Since this is what will take place on your small world in the days ahead, and in a speed similar to its rotation, everyone needs to be warned in advance. This way, you will be able to put in order the things that you will take with you if your departure occurs amid such events, which are your moral possessions.


I am certain that you understand that such things do not include material possessions such as homes, properties or bank accounts, given that they are not inheritances of the spirit, which is what you really are. Putting your things in order, as if you were getting ready to embark on a trip, refers to good deeds done in favor of your contemporaries in the course of your existence as well as prayers for all suffering souls, especially to those in the flesh, who need them desperately.


These are the things which each human being needs to put in order in this end of century. As a precautionary measure in case the boat comes sooner, the best way to put your things in order is a methodical way, with as much tranquility of spirit as possible. You should elevate your thoughts daily to the source of all goodness that exists in some point of the universe, mentally pleading for the grace of its assistance during your stay on Earth and also for compassion when you return to your spiritual home. Because thoughts can include things you would not be able to say with words, you do not need anything else. The source of all goodness knows how to interpret thoughts from all parts of the world, whether it is a demonstration of joy, a request for assistance or a cry for help from an afflicted person.


However, it is indispensable that human beings possess proper moral conditions in order for their thoughts to be able to reach this source. All they need to do is establish a way of life in perfect harmony with their contemporaries, doing or wishing for them only what they would do or wish for themselves. If in some way they help lessen or eliminate some of their fellowmen’s suffering, it would greatly help their thought-request penetrate the superior layers of the Earth. They would certainly reach their objective this way; they would either see the materialization of their request or receive immediate aid.


After having had the supreme joy of embracing Jesus’ doctrine when I was on Earth, I visited various nations in order to spread it to their peoples. But I often felt that, as a result of the darkness that involved their minds, there was a kind of barrier blocking my preaching. Among the acts of violence committed against me and my companions of journey, there was a particular one in which my enemies disengaged only after taking me for dead.


Through this I wish to convey that what kept me going was spiritual strength, for it revived matter weakened by such acts. Since my spirit was linked to Jesus’ spirit, who was and still is my source of goodness, I appealed to him each time I found myself in similar situations, receiving prompt aid. You will probably think that such aid failed when a certain act of violence finally caused my disincarnation in the vicinities of the great Italian capital. But contrary to what you may suppose, I received the most proper type of aid. But such aid was not for my exhausted body, which had suffered all kinds of evils and privations as it walked hundreds of thousands of miles in the valleys, cities and villages from the Asia Minor to the Mediterranean Sea.


With feelings of self-annihilation involving me, my body longed for a permanent rest; my spirit lived, struggled, preached and prayed twenty-fours a day. Under such circumstances, my spirit refused to accept the idea of self-annihilation because it was totally incompatible with God’s laws. But once my thought was interpreted by the source of all goodness, I received liberation from the flesh through decapitation, as you know. It ended all of my physical sufferings, throwing me into Jesus’ arms.


Thousands of such acts were committed then without conscientious scruples, as recorded in History. The act that removed me from the earthly plane served two great goals. As it traumatized the peoples I had visited in Asia Minor, Greece, Egypt and the Mediterranean Islands, the principles I had taught consolidated in their hearts, prompting them to spread them throughout the region with excellent results for the new Christianity. It also caused a great shock to the Roman emperor, who shortly afterwards converted to Christianity. Today he is one of Jesus’ most dedicated servants.


There is no need to mention all the good things that my death two thousand years ago brought to me as it freed me from the physical and moral suffering imposed by my apostleship. This account of events which occurred in the beginning of Christianity, and which resulted in the greatest point of light ever received by my spirit, should serve to make you aware that you too can request and receive any type of help you need. You too can attain a powerful point of light as a reward for any social or spiritual undertaking that serves your community and Jesus as well. If you say that times are much different now than when I was Paul of Tarsus, I will agree with you. But I will say that serving the Lord today is much easier than it used to be in those days. Humanity’s current degree of progress greatly favors new spiritual undertakings without the risks faced by the apostles two thousand years ago.


Because Jesus’ “doctrine of love” is already in everyone’s innermost, it is no longer necessary to preach it like in the past, despite the existence of various religious sects. Although such sects seem different from one another, deep down they are based on this beautiful principle of love for one another. There are various sectors of spiritual work which could be tackled by those desiring to serve Jesus. They can not only serve their contemporaries, but also serve those who will arrive on Earth in the future. For example, there are huge amounts of work on education needing attention. Since they do not know how to read and cannot therefore enrich their knowledge, millions of brothers and sisters wait for a true Christian to come along and undertake such noble task.


It is also necessary to open schools wherever God’s children can be found. Besides the knowledge that they need for human living, schools above all should teach them to love God and fellowman as they love themselves. It is essential that all humans incarnated on Earth be transformed into spiritual beings through such teachings. They should be taught that the doctrine of love, goodness and fraternization is the principle of all knowledge, so as to eliminate the detrimental idea from their hearts that greatness and dominion over others are the primary objectives of their reincarnation.


Given that the enunciated times are coming up, be aware that no one can deter such times. However, it does not mean that you have to be on your knees in prayers in order to escape what will come to pass. The best way for such times to pass by instead of you passing with them is to engage in something useful, which would contribute to the wellbeing of your contemporaries. You could prepare your contemporaries spiritually for what is coming or meet their needs with anything that is within your means. It would be the same as preparing your spirit to enter planes of life a lot happier than this, regardless of how your current earthly life will end.



 Chapter VI

Carelessness of human beings – Warmly remembered efforts – Unification of all peoples on its way to Earth – The religious problem - Bringing imaginary walls down – Spiritism in the world today


Although the agents of the structural transformation that is already in motion on Earth will not be the days, months or years in which they occur, they will nevertheless serve as a point of reference to such events, which are designed to improve the conditions of life on the planet. This is not something new to a good part of humanity because Jesus’ messengers have been divulging it in many spiritualist and social organizations by way of the spoken word or books already for a long time. Such authorized books are circulating in many countries of this terrestrial globe. Due to the tendency that most human beings have of being careless about the things and teachings that come from the above, they are underestimated and even despised. If it were not for this innate tendency, which is highly detrimental to the happiness and progress of incarnate spirits, I am sure that all of them, or at least the great majority of them, would be living today a different type of spiritual life in worlds quite more advanced than the Earth.


Had the spirits that have been reincarnating successively on Earth given ears to the teachings brought by the sweet Jesus of Nazareth, the two thousand years that have passed since then should have been more than enough for major changes to have occurred in their lives. But instead, only warlike disputes have taken place in the planet in the past two millenniums with enormous sacrifice of precious lives. In fact, many human beings that were sacrificed carried highly valuable plans to help the progress of the Earth. Since to many spirits this end of century will also mean the end of thousands and thousands of incarnations, as they will have to take a final test in the above about their earthly course, a series of modifications are needed on Earth to prepare it for a new civilization. Such a civilization will consist of spirits of great evolution and also of many human beings of the present who will deserve the grace of returning under much better conditions.


Being currently on the earthly soil to write this volume at the request of Lord Jesus, I will gladly attempt to replicate my efforts of the past. As I warmly remember, my past efforts consisted of implanting Jesus’ delightful doctrine in the hearts of the simple and good peoples of Macedonia, Ephesus, Antioch and many others. You know through the Bible that my journeys to evangelize those simple souls, who were the moral slaves of philosophies that did not benefit the spirit, were not easy. But it is with joy that I find that my preaching in almost all those places was useful. Today I count with the company and gratitude of thousands of souls in the above who were incarnated on Earth when I carried out the holy mission of diffusing Jesus’ doctrine.


Well, dear brothers and sisters, although my task is now free from the dangers that I faced in the past because my visit now is in spirit and my word in printed form, it should nevertheless be considered as meritorious. I have come to say to your spiritual hearts that, since there is no time to loose, you should try now to prepare yourselves for your next departure from the earthly soil. Trusting that you will heed such advice, I will now share with you something about the future of this planet. The unification of all peoples shall soon become a reality on Earth. The existence of different religions and human beings’ ambition for material dominion are the major factors that have prevented such unification over the centuries. The religious problem will be solved with the arrival of entities on earthly soil that are duly tuned with Lord Jesus’ thought. Such entities will bring down the type of wall which was built around the religions by the men that created them.


Once such walls are brought down in the near future, it will become apparent to various fraternizations that their goal is no other than directing their followers towards God through the path they find to be the shortest. Since this is the objective of the earthly religions, there is no reason for the shock of ideas that has been going on among them for millenniums to continue. Their sole objective for erecting such walls was to prevent their followers from visiting other religions, but not the other way around. It is apparent then that self-elevation is their main objective. They suppose that the number of followers can influence their spiritual height.


But examination of the characteristics of most religious fraternizations shows that this is not the case. It should be fair to consider that, as students on this still rather primary earthly school, human beings have been walking far too slowly for some millenniums. The word primary was used to differentiate the position of the Earth in relation to other inhabited planets which exist in infinite space. Because of this, the Superior Forces consider earthly humanity’s slow spiritual advancement as partly justified. But this is about to end in this century. A selection of values will take place to promote human beings who were able to assimilate the teachings they received during their numerous earthly existences to better worlds. If they remained indefinitely on this primary school, they would lose precious opportunities of admission into schools or worlds with a better life.


Once the imaginary walls that have been built around the religions are brought down, the Spirit’s Doctrine, a prodigious element of human progress, will be allowed to penetrate in the environment. This doctrine of love and solidarity can help humans realize their most beautiful aspirations of progress and happiness. As the basis of understanding between spirits in the flesh and spirits in the above, the Spirit’s Doctrine is the same for both incarnate and discarnate spirits. After all, both incarnate and discarnate are spirits. In addition, since God is love and only love can construct for eternity, according to Jesus’ words, it is easy to conclude that all human beings should urgently adopt such a beautiful doctrine while they are on Earth.


They will need it as much as they need oxygen in their lungs when their time of departure arrives. Let us examine the advantages that this consoling doctrine brings to religious fraternizations, a doctrine brought to Earth by the Lord Jesus almost two thousand years ago. Can you tell me what a human body would be without the spirit? It would be a body without life, correct? The proof of this is in the fact that when the spirit leaves the body through the phenomenon of death, the body is quickly buried. The body no longer serves any purpose. This happens not only to bodies of humble mortals, but also of illustrious, intelligent and powerful men such as kings, emperors, bishops or pontiffs. The body only lives and moves as long as the spirit that constructed it in the maternal womb conducts it. Therefore, if Jesus is spirit, man also is spirit. And since man is spirit, he has the absolute need to live in perfect harmony with the doctrine that directs spiritual life in all planes or worlds of the universe.


We have observed in the above how human beings show interest or pleasure when they begin to study and practice Spiritism, or the Spirit’s Doctrine. This is the result of the many consolations that its revelations bring to their hearts. For you to have an idea about what such study represents to most people, imagine the existence of a dense curtain which prevents solar rays from entering a beautiful mansion or a palace. The reason why the curtain blocks the solar rays is that the residents heard that they could probably harm their health or damage their possessions. In fact, numerous earthly religions have played such a role by keeping their followers away from the Spirit’s Doctrine.


But someday they will have the opportunity to come in contact with such doctrine, and after they study it, they will follow it without rejecting their old religion in view of its respectable tradition. And as contact with friends, relatives and spiritual protectors makes them feel joyful and happier, it will decisively help them march towards the above. What kind of phenomenon was this? Once sunlight found a way to penetrate within, it convinced the residents that contact with the solar rays, or the Spirit’s Doctrine, made their lives immensely happier and more prosperous.


Today Spiritism can be viewed as the most advanced doctrine. It surpasses all teachings and philosophies that have sought to subject humans to the orientation, direction and submission of men not always truly interested in providing wellbeing and spiritual happiness to their contemporaries. In providing self-determination to everyone, Spiritism illumines their spirits, enabling them to conduct themselves through the path of their choice. Jesus is spirit, and so are all human beings of all times.



 Chapter VII

The Lord’s incarnate messengers – Those over forty years of age – My apostleship in the first century – The importance of Christian faith for souls at disincarnation – Jesus’ consoling doctrine


 Often messengers of Lord Jesus in the above are assigned to come to different regions of the Earth to talk about spiritual issues which are very dear to the hearts of the incarnate population. But they find human beings who do not pay attention to what they have to say for being engaged in a different kind of interest. The fact that this happens far too frequently not only causes sadness to such messengers, but also continuous suffering to these incarnate brothers and sisters. Thousands of spiritual entities with varied degrees of evolution currently perform such missions next to incarnate souls, trying to relay to their spiritual ear advice and teachings of immediate utility to them. Such advice and teachings are needed due to the upcoming events, which shall transform the Earth into a planet with a more tranquil and happy life. Found in all geographical regions of the Earth, these messengers try to awaken the attention of incarnate spirits towards things that are of immediate interest to them, on top of the work that they perform next to them during the sleep of their bodies.


To say that such efforts are employed in vain would not reflect the truth. A good number of incarnate spirits have been following the path that should provide them with a tranquil passage to the beyond, when their time comes, as they became vividly interested in such matters. Those who have awakened and remain attentive to the advice and teachings they have received collaborate with these messengers of Jesus by clarifying other brothers and sisters, so that they can awaken to spiritual life as well. This way, the clarification effort initiated by such emissaries will be significantly amplified.


Readers can also undertake such a task by accepting to be part of our Lord’s incarnate messengers on Earth, which shall result in powerful lights for their spirits when they return to their plane of life in the beyond. And since this is a simple task, it can be performed quite easily. This is simply an issue of spiritual maturity, my esteemed earthly brothers and sisters. You can acquire spiritual maturity by observing what is divulged on Apostle Thomas’ book and on this book as well. I know that some readers may initially feel that it would be quite difficult for them to become incarnate missionaries for thinking perhaps that material interests are earthly life’s main objective. However, I positively say that it is not so. Becoming incarnate missionaries will bring great joy to their spirits; it will make them feel that they can now realize their dearest aspirations.


In fact, a great joy involves spirits devoted to the Lord’s holy work. Once they experience it, they will never abandon it. This happens not only in the physical plane, but in the spiritual plane as well because spiritual entities opposed to the practice of good and love for one another also live there. Since these spiritual beings are also being clarified on their progress and happiness, to be able to verify some kind of devotion towards spiritual work on their part gives us great joy.


Even though it may appear strange to human beings that thousands of highly evolved spiritual entities are engaged in clarifying incarnate brothers and sisters on Earth, it involves the need to prepare the incarnate population, especially those over forty years of age, for life in a more advanced planet. While there are incarnate spirits among the earthly population with degrees of experience acquired through many lives of hardship, they still need a little more spiritual light in order to be able to perform a little better in the beyond. It was precisely to awaken their interests towards things of the spirit that the Lord Jesus assigned us to transmit these advice and teachings on Earth. In the meantime, other spiritual entities are getting ready to come to Earth in order to promote the moral and the technical transformation it needs. If the current incarnate population heeds and follows the advice we bring, it will share the joy of those conducted to a certain plane of light in the spiritual world upon their departure from the earthly soil.


Sudden disincarnations of “full of life” spirits occur daily. Others disincarnate after a certain period of suffering. By calling on the divine Providence during illnesses, a time in which the spirit always turns to the spirit world, these brothers and sisters come in contact with a spiritual force they should have contacted a long time ago. This way they can partly compensate for their forgotten spiritual obligations. When supplications from their ailing flesh reach their destination, they prepare the best possible reception for their returning spirits. But what about those who depart unexpectedly, who did not have time to communicate with the beyond? If such brothers and sisters lived their lives completely forgetful of their spiritual obligations, dear readers, their reception and accommodation in the spiritual world will not be the most desirable or comfortable.


Many of those who experience an unexpected disincarnation often become temporarily unable to elevate themselves from the earthly soil. That happens as a result of their ignorance of spiritual laws, given that they chose to stay chained to the interests of matter. Only two things can then help them elevate themselves to a plane where they can rest peacefully: passionate prayers from their family members, or their own. Therefore, it would be much better for all of you to start preparing at once with devotion and faith, as if you were certain that your return date is tomorrow. By proceeding in such a methodical way, thus elevating their hearts to the above, which comprises the spirit world’s various planes, human beings will then construct future lives with spiritual light for themselves.


I will now refer to events which occurred when I energetically tried to divulge Christianity in Oriental lands in order to show you the value of the Christian faith as an element of spiritual happiness and wellbeing. Those peoples lived totally immersed in the obscurity of utilitarian doctrines which did not help them in any way when their corporal life came to an end. Instruction was almost non-existent among them; they could not read or write and most of them totally ignored spiritual laws. But by teaching Christianity to them, we were able to awaken their spirits towards some understanding of God-related issues. We naturally felt a close spiritual link with those brothers and sisters we visited in most territories of Occidental Asia in order to preach the gospel. After I had been freed from my carnal wrapping, I nurtured the idea of visiting in spirit those cities, villages and communities to observe the result of my evangelical work.


I can say with joy that it was highly rewarding to find a sensitive difference between evangelized souls and those who chose to keep their material beliefs. Incarnate souls who devotedly practiced our Christian teachings displayed a luminous point, which is only visible to spiritual entities, while the others did not. Observation of what happens to these two groups at the time of disincarnation convinced me even more about the need for everyone to study and practice Jesus of Nazareth’s doctrine. Because of their faith, the evangelized souls soared towards the spiritual plane after leaving their bodies through the so-called “death phenomenon”. As for souls who chose to stick to their utilitarian degree, or who resided in areas not visited by us, they would be disconsolate and stupefied after detachment from their physical bodies, without any idea or direction to follow.


Something else should be of great interest to you: the luminosity displayed by the evangelized instantly attracted similar spiritual entities that soared with them towards their new plane of life. This did not occur to those who disincarnated embedded in their old beliefs. Such observations gave me great comfort, compensating me for my struggles to diffuse Christ’s consoling doctrine. But I was still unable to soothe my reaction toward those who through such a violent act prevented me from planting Christianity’s seed among other peoples, which was as necessary to the salvation of souls then as it is today. The Lord Jesus made clear to me that, due to time’s continuous march, such a sentiment should not remain with me. Things happen when they have to, and always for the good of humanity. Had I not been sacrificed in such a way, my preaching would not have reached the success that it did.




 Chapter VIII

All human beings have a life plan – Deviations to which human beings are subject – Only prayers can prevent deviations – Moral structure of the laws of life – The real fortune – Shock of return


 The things that occur in the lives of spiritual beings as well as human beings, who are spirits incarnated on Earth, are just lessons that they need to assimilate for the sake of their evolution. When spiritual beings receive permission to descend to Earth for a new incarnation, they bring a plan which they patiently elaborated in the spirit world in order to acquire the knowledge and experiences that are necessary to reach new steps in their evolutionary scale. This involves all reincarnating spiritual beings of the present and of the past. But once their physical organism develops, they often deviate from the route they should follow, which is indeed lamentable. Things such as a deficient education in their homes due to the inferior mentality of family members or acts from certain spiritual forces affect their will and determination, causing them to deviate from their path.


As spirits on an earthly journey, men and women are susceptible to loads of things which influence their lives. If you wonder if there is a secure way to prevent such a deviation, so that you can follow your life plan accordingly, my answer is absolutely yes. Being part of the life plan which everyone elaborates in the above before descending to Earth, such way is sincere and tranquil daily prayers to Lord Jesus or God. There is no material or spiritual force that can oppose prayer. Due to the fact that prayer’s force can be very powerful and efficient in one’s life, once mankind adheres to it, it will put an end to all struggles and divergences which have bloodied this small terrestrial sphere. Men and women on this plane of life must convince themselves that the habit of daily prayer is as necessary as food for the body, or even more so, as previously stated.


Why is it necessary to pray? A very important reason is that prayer establishes a direct contact between he who prays and Earth’s spiritual cupola, which is where Jesus’ sublime greatness rests upon. Always attentive to the needs of his earthly protégés, Jesus provides the assistance that they need through numerous entities all over the Earth, whose main concern is to pick up and register their mental vibrations. It is clear that the Superior Forces would never abandon any earthly son or daughter. It is also clear that every single thought and action on Earth is registered in the spirit world. In addition, prayer is also a protective force against deleterious influence from the invisible world.


Such influence is responsible for causing many children of God to perform condemnable acts, children who are on Earth to search for new elements of progress and not disturbance for their spirits. Although the concession of free will to human beings is relatively new on Earth, it contributed to lots of disturbances in the past centuries. This is due to the fact that humans not only used, but also abused this luminous faculty. There have been many instances in which the Superior Forces had to intervene so as to prevent certain individuals from causing painful situations to their contemporaries through the exercise of their free will.


It has been necessary for the Superior Forces to remove even spirits who reincarnated on Earth with the highest sentiments for their contemporaries and projects to assist them, but who deviated for a lack of appropriate material and spiritual coaching. A spirit’s objectives change completely whenever vanity succeeds in disturbing its serenity. By keeping away from sincere daily prayers, it fails to communicate with the Superior Forces to render account and justification of its actions on that particular day or to ask for inspiration for the next day.


Since lack of such a precept causes many men to fail, they end up returning to the spirit world involved by the darkness of their disturbances. This happens to all men who attain some success but forget that their power comes from God, through Lord Jesus. They forget that without such power their journey could get interrupted at some point along the way, leading then to displeasure and suffering. This is the way earthly life has developed since primordial times and the reason why the spiritual beings of this earthly school are quite behind in their evolutionary scale. Thus, the Superior Forces elaborated a series of reforms for implementation on Earth’s physical plane, as demanded by men and women of the present.


It is necessary for everyone to realize that, since earthly life is nothing but a day of apprenticeship in this great school called Earth, they should embrace it as a means for improving their condition of spiritual beings. They should consider that they will have to return to the spiritual home that they left in the above after a smaller or larger number of years.


Every human being on Earth left a good number of relatives in their spiritual home, which was formed through their numerous visits to the Earth. Their relatives in the spiritual world do whatever they can to help them on the earthly soil. They pray for them or send the most fulfilling inspirations to help them with their tasks. It becomes clear then that human beings have a perfect enchainment with spiritual beings as a result of the pure links of love they constructed in the course of many earthly lives over the centuries.


Thus, everyone on Earth has the right to appeal to their relatives in the spirit world for assistance with certain issues with the certainty that they will instantly receive such assistance. It is unfortunate that a good part of humanity still ignores this, given that it is part of the moral structure of life laws. It is indeed lamentable to see human beings passionately chase only material prosperity, which is temporary, as a result of a deficient moral preparation, which begins in their first years of earthly life. They fail then to keep sanctifying faith alive in their spirits.


But fortunately a good number of men and women have managed to transform their lives after deciding to put the interests of the spirit above matter. They changed their worry-filled lives into tranquil and happy lives. By putting their spiritual interests above the material, which are temporary and perishable, they edified around themselves a most harmonious vibrational environment. This way they became immune to the still prevalent opposing vibrations, which prevent happiness and well being in the world. How did they manage to edify such a beautiful and harmonious environment around themselves?


Quite simply; they awakened their spiritual mind to the objectives of their current incarnation and began to render daily account of their actions on Earth to the highest authorities of the spirit world through prayers. With such a daily practice, they were able to eliminate the detrimental vibrations that profusely circulate around the earthly environment.


When a domestic environment is free from such influence, everyone benefits. Such environment allows invisible friends to come closer in order to help bring greater tranquility and wellbeing to them. It would be greatly opportune for all human beings of the present to put aside their concerns for material enrichment and seriously meditate on that great fortune which will never separate from them, regardless if they are on earthly soil or in their spiritual home in the above. By suspending their purely material concerns momentarily and going into a state of mental concentration or mediation, they can then formulate any question concerning what they should do.


But first they should utilize the power of prayer to make contact with the Superior Forces, just as they would first place a spout on a wine barrel before being able to enjoy it. It would be ineffective to try to enjoy the wine before properly putting the spout in place.


The same thing happens in the spirit world. Before the Superior Forces of the spirit world come close to human beings on Earth, they have to attract them by way of prayer. Once this is done with the respect that such luminous entities of the invisible world deserve, they can then open their hearts to them and request what they need. They can request inspiration for safety during certain situations in their earthly lives or spiritual assistance or any other type of assistance. No request will ever be ignored by the Superior when there is merit involved. This is the Law of Request’s only exception. In all other cases requests will always be considered with the necessary promptness and efficiency. Requests received from those who do not have merit always sadden the Superior Forces deeply. But they will nevertheless try to help them as much as possible, hoping that it will slowly help them become deserving.


It does not need to be stated that the Superior Forces will never grant requests that would cause detriment to anyone. But if such a type of request became materialized through a different type of force, such as the so-called “forces of darkness,” the person behind it would deserve to be pitied. The Law of Consequence, which is immediately involved in requests resolved by the forces of darkness, establishes a return shock for each and every type of deed. Whenever the effects of a request cause a person to undergo suffering or lose possessions, there is nothing that could prevent such a return shock from efficiently returning the inflicted harm to its originator. In such instances, God’s or Jesus’ influence to prevent such powerful return shocks would not be considered. It is necessary to clarify that neither God nor Jesus will become involved in situations where a human being caused harm to another.


Absolutely not, dear readers; God in this case is the law. When a human being who is conscious of his action sets the law in motion, it returns to him the product of such action. The same thing happens to those who wish and perform only good things; they positively receive in their spiritual personality the good that they did to others.



 Chapter IX

An earthquake resolves the needs of a population – Perfection of the laws that regulate life – Subterranean movements are to occur soon – New religious and philosophical concepts – A sad event which occurred in another world – Transmigrated spirits – Emotional farewell


Many centuries ago, a certain event took place in an Oriental region inhabited by human beings who possessed the type of flaws that are common to spirits in the early stages of evolution. Since food had become insufficient to meet their needs, this event was designed to make the soil in that region more productive. Due to its dry conditions, subterranean conduits to bring water to the surface had to be constructed, given that this precious liquid is essential in the culture of various earthly products. However, due to the fact that some of the existing elevations had to be demolished, it was expected that some lives would be destroyed in the process. A type of earthquake was planned to occur at a certain depth in order to produce the desired effects.


After the necessary precautions were taken by the Superior Forces concerning assistance to those who would be affected, the event finally occurred. When the residents heard a loud noise followed by a tremor in the first hours of a certain day, they came out from their homes and headed for the fields. This continued for the next two or three days, so that all effects could be completed. Since everything had gone according to plans in such a short period of time, the residents joyfully noticed that abundant water now flowed from the fountainheads that had just formed in the elevations that had remained intact. No crater or hazard could be seen over a two-hundred square miles range.


Since there were now limpid sources of water on this previously dry area, they talked about rerouting the flowing water into different directions in order to build dams. But due to fear of new tremors and demolitions, they first stayed away from such area for a few months. But given that nothing else happened and the season for soil cultivation had arrived, each began to prepare his own food producing area. Today one of the largest and most prosperous nucleuses of Oriental population stands in such region.


I suppose you will be naturally curious to know what happened to those who were affected by the events. While some were happily received by their old relatives and friends as they returned to their spiritual homes, others lamented the harsh interruption to their earthly existence. But after these brothers and sister examined their life record, they learned that their departure occurred with perfect accuracy. Such record not only included the precise date of their departure, but also the way in which it would occur. This made them realize the greatness and the perfection of the laws that regulate life and death in all planets of the universe, for nothing happens by accident. In the lives of God’s children, everything is duly foreseen and adjusted.


This succinct description should help you picture what will take place on this small world in the coming years, months or days, as previously disclosed. It should be viewed as a small sample of the important events that are forthcoming, given that the new population will require larger food-producing areas. Once many of the unproductive areas of the planet are finally changed as a result of subterranean movements, human beings will then be allowed to discover and exploit new minerals. Various important innovations will appear in areas such as air transportation and nourishment. Notable improvements will be brought into everyone’s lives in the next century.


The majority of Earth’s residents will be spirits of great evolution willing to incarnate here in order to promote technical and scientific advances, which will be similar to those which already exist in planets that are more evolved. But this is not the only type of changes that such spirits of light will bring to Earth. The religious and philosophical concepts that they will bring shall greatly contribute to the maintenance of harmony and happiness in the earthly environment. Violence against the life of human beings through armed conflicts will be a thing of the past. With the horrible spectacle of war left behind, peace, harmony and fraternal understanding will then prevail on Earth, just as it already prevails among those who have the good fortune of inhabiting planes of spiritual life, whose main concern is to contribute to their fellowmen’s happiness and well being.


I will now describe a fact which took place in a world inhabited by thousands of spirits who had been removed from more evolved worlds, some of whom had already lived on this small terrestrial sphere. Since they could no longer continue to live in their worlds as a result of their moral disarray, their spiritual guides conducted them to this less evolved world for being the most compatible with their tendencies. However, before they could begin their new evolutionary effort in this physical world, they gathered together so that their spiritual guides could wish farewell to them. Being present at such meeting with other entities of my plane of life, I became deeply touched by what I saw. Although many of them could not understand the reason for such gathering due to their inconsistence and moral degradation, these “banished spirits” heard a farewell from their leader as follows:


“Dear children who are here to begin a new life; my heart feels as if broken as I say farewell to you, for we separate today probably forever. When you were incarnated, you chose not to heed our warnings. And when you were in your spiritual plane as spirits, you also chose not to heed our repeated warnings. Regrettably, evil temptations seemed stronger than good temptations as you chose to incur infractions to the laws of love rather than follow the luminous path that leads to happiness. Before you were condemned, you were granted numerous opportunities to change and follow the good path.


But since you always chose the evil path of violence and injustice against your journey companions, you have totally exhausted your time and opportunities. For either refusing or completely ignoring advice, appeals and warnings, you can no longer continue to live in your worlds. Your removal was necessary so that your brothers and sisters can strive to become good children of God with tranquility. Now you come to this physical plane where less evolved brothers and sisters struggle and suffer as they try to refine their best qualities.


You will find life conditions here to be quite more painful than those in your worlds, and you will have to withstand them the way a jewel withstands the lapidating process. Due to the fact that the predominating law here is the Law of the Fittest, to which everyone is subject, you will need to resort constantly to physical force to obtain the things that you need, food included. You may recall that in your worlds the animals leave their newly-born offspring on their own, thus forcing them to fend for themselves. The same thing happens on this sphere as the inhabitants fight over food, homes, tranquility and other necessary things.


I suggest that you use your intelligence in order to implant better life conditions here, my beloved. This planet’s progress can be hastened by the technical knowledge that many of you possess. Since every detail of life must be improved and refined, your efforts towards such endeavor could be transformed into luminosity for your spirits. I want to transmit to your hearts that, although in your planet you were recruited among the bad elements, you can become wise here and use your creative faculty to implant various types of improvements, thus drawing recognition from your new journey companions.”


Tears ran down the face of the majority of such brothers during the pause that followed, indicative perhaps of some sort of late regret as they now seemed to understand their new situation. Many of them displayed visible signs of the criminal acts which they committed in the recent past, such as dreadful hand spots caused by the blood they shed. The visibly emotional spiritual entity concluded with a prayer for these poor recalcitrant infringers of the laws of love:


“My beloved, here you will find numerous opportunities to prove and apply the teachings that you received in your past lives. Therefore, apply them, certain that each good deed will mean one less day on this dwelling place. Try then to teach them the good things you heard about but refused to apply in your worlds. But above all, I want to make one last recommendation, which is for you to implant the saintly name of God in your hearts. Keep the only perfect name in the entire universe alive in your minds. With God in your hearts and minds, you shall be able to overcome half of your sentences. May God bless and protect you in your new life, my beloved. Farewell.”


Such words profoundly touched the hearts of those transmigrated spirits. They all shared the emotion contained in the words of the leader of their former spiritual guides and protectors. I shall never forget this heart-breaking event.




 Chapter X

Righteousness and progress of all beings – Events which are already occurring – A nucleus of spiritual influence – Consult your conscience –The shirt’s stain – A process that is common to all – A tiny sun


When it becomes necessary to either change or reconstruct parts of any of the inhabited worlds that float in the infinite vacuum on their own force, the Superior Forces always search for the best solutions. It should be clear that the exclusive concern of the Superior Forces is to accelerate the spiritual progress of all spiritual beings. Everyone’s righteousness and evolution is their main objective. The things that have been planned to occur on Earth in order to prepare it for the next century, when a new humanity will then be living here, are news only to human beings. Similar events have already occurred in many other planes of life. The weather-related events which have been occurring in many parts of the Earth and which have caused a variable number of casualties according to reports from the news media, have also been foreseen as a means to remove scores of spirits from the earthly soil, so that they can prepare for a new incarnation here or in other planes of life.


Readers who feel that they are ready to become part of a nucleus of spiritual influence under my responsibility, and who are prepared to depart from the earthly soil at any time because they are free from acts in disagreement with the spiritual laws which could obscure their spiritual light, should not fear such unexpected departure. Those who have acts in their conscience which they no longer perform for being totally incompatible with the evolution that their spirits attained by observing what is correct, licit or decent, should not feel diminished by them in any way. Considering that the life of all beings is a constant progression, and that a divine principle creates the tendency in them for always wanting to improve their qualities, it could then be said that evolution prevents them from repeating their past acts. That is why they should not feel prostrated or inapt to reach a spiritual stage identical to that of other brothers and sisters.


It is therefore importantly necessary that, for their greater happiness, they first recognize the things that have a negative influence in their lives. This would allow them to eliminate negative registrations from their conscience similarly to the way they would try to remove a stain from their shirt. Once one notices an unpleasant stain on his shirt, he would certainly try to remove it by carefully washing it. One could then eliminate each unpleasant stain from his conscience in the same way. But because a detergent would be necessary to remove the stain from the shirt, an extraordinary and irreplaceable detergent would also be necessary to remove the stains that impregnate one’s conscience, and that is called “prayer”.


Yes, esteemed readers, you should utilize such extraordinary detergent daily, without parsimony, to erase any non-dignifying act or procedure from your conscience or spiritual file, a result of the times you spent on Earth. Prayer will totally eliminate any of your concerns about your next return to your plane of spiritual life. While human beings may truthfully regret many of their past acts, and are certain that they would not perform them today, such acts can nevertheless concern them. But in order to help unburden their conscience, I want to make clear that the divine Providence is fully aware of all of their acts, regardless if they were partly conscious when they performed them or were induced to do so.


Such acts are registered more clearly in the conscience of partly conscious men and women, since they performed them willingly and consciously through their free will. As for acts induced in the conscience of most men and women by alien forces, if not all, their registration is not as positive. In this case, the men or women involves were simply a kind of negative terminal. And even though there were just participants, they will have to face unpleasant consequences.


Prayers of regret can easily eliminate the stains from such acts or procedures. Anyone who feels that he is responsible for acts which harmed one or more of his journey companions should pray and ask the divine Providence or Jesus to compensate them with light and blessings. This is a secure and positive way for eliminating from their path the obstacles that could make their future journeys more difficult. As for those who willingly committed acts against the divine laws, causing loss or suffering to their contemporaries, they too should utilize this infallible recourse. Since forgiveness can be obtained through prayers, it will certainly result in better and happier days for themselves.


Considering that the above has been perfectly understood, I will now address an issue that should be beneficial to all readers in the days ahead. It involves a process to which all humans are subject to once they close their eyes of flesh on Earth. Whether one departs unexpectedly or as a result of a long incurable illness, in apparent good health or as a victim of a fatal accident, he is just obeying determinations that were made prior to his arrival on Earth. Since the life plan of all human beings indicates the year, month and day of their return to the spiritual plane, they can confirm it after disincarnation, when their spirits open their spiritual eyes.


As the spirit separates from matter at disincarnation, it is approached by the spiritual protector in that is charge of receiving it in the spiritual plane. It is at such important moment that the spirit’s beautiful qualities become visible. If the spirit follows recommendations to always turn towards the superior side of material life, and constantly prays to the Lord of the World for clarification for itself as well as its needy brothers and sisters, it receives then a powerful point of light.


Once the spirit is in possession of this point of light, which is a tiny sun, it will immediately feel that it is the happiest being in the universe. This is due to the fact that anything that a spirit desires for its happiness and wellbeing depends exclusively upon its will. For a better picture, imagine that you can transport yourself to any city or country through your will power. Because the only required condition is desire, you would in fact be utilizing your faculty of volition. The same happens to spirits who depart from Earth totally conscious that their actions were fair and correct, especially those which involved their contemporaries, and that they also lived prayerfully and watchfully. When the spirits of these fortunate brothers and sisters finally open their eyes, they cannot find sufficient ways to thank the divine Providence for all that was given to them.


But what about those who lived somewhat similarly to irrational beings? We know that eating, sleeping and wakening up totally forgetful of one’s duties is accepted only when it involves irrational beings. But even among such evolving beings there are many who unconsciously turn to something they sense to exist. This can be confirmed by the fact many irrational beings are able to experience moments of joy, melancholy or sadness as a result of their sentimental vibrations. But it is lamentably hard for us in the spiritual plane to understand why human beings that possess the ability to discern adopt a way of life that is totally free from their natural duties.


Such class of human beings unfortunately abounds on Earth. Once their matter is buried into graves after disincarnation, their spirits are conducted to a certain plane in a state of torpor. The amount of time that such spirits spend in such plane depends on the condition of their brutalization. Happy are those who are able to rest in such plane, given that many fear to be alone due to fright, apprehension or affliction. As for the unhappy spirits, those who committed faults against their contemporaries, they are overcome by terror in view of the fact that they fear falling into their victims’ hands. You can now see part of the process which everyone goes through in their spiritual plane after each new existence on Earth, during which more than just a few considered themselves to be little gods, kings or masters of their contemporaries.


This is the reason why the emissaries that Jesus sent into your midst do not tire of recommending daily contact with the divine Providence, through Jesus, regardless of your religious creed, color or race. These emissaries would like to see you receive in the spiritual plane someday that “small sun” which you constructed through your acts and prayers, along with incomparable lights and harmony. This is but just a detail of the true happiness that awaits you, dear friends.